Do you really want to know?  Would you believe me if I told you?


Because  I care about my home, my family, my community.  Because there are things in this world that I value, things that I treasure.  And because I value them I want them to flourish.  So I’m not going to shout or belittle anyone. But I will share with you another perspective, another approach to life. One that is less violent, more nurturing, and presents an opportunity to make things just a little better.

When I watch the nightly news I’m overwhelmed by the violence within my own country, the violence in our communities, and the justifications used to minimize the atrocities flashing across the screen.  But what really upsets me, what often has me in tears, is our willingness to harm those who are least able to defend themselves; and the violence man commits against the earth.

The seeming lack of care. The oh well attitude portrayed by  individuals, corporations, businesses, and governments as they contaminate the air, water and land we share and is basic to our survival.  There are times when I want to run into the street and yell at the top of my lungs STOP!   But would they listen. I don’t think so.

So why? Why am I pouring my heart out here.  Why am I exposing myself to the world in this format?


Because  I care.  And I can make a difference.

We can make a difference.



10 thoughts on “Why?

  1. This is a wonderful life affirming post. Thank you so much. And thank goodness there are many people who do care and we will make a difference. I am convinced that the change for good will come from the bottom up. The little people making different life choices and by our actions the world will transform. Positive loving intention is so important to put out there in the world to help balance all the reports of violence and apathy. We sure need a world where the important things in life are treasured and cherished and nurtured. Thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts. Blessings to you for a wonderful day.

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    • Thank you so much. Your kind words mean the world to me. I agree whole wholeheartedly with you: ” I am convinced that the change for good will come from the bottom up.”


  2. It’s funny, just after reading your post I happened to catch a quote on CCTV, an English language documentary channel from China that I watch when I can’t stand what the other news channels are broadcasting – it has such interesting and diverse programmes. The quote was in a segment on Africa and came from a Kenyan investor. It began; “No action is too small when it comes to changing the world…” Your post also reminded me of an article I read recently and was surprised by: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/news/article.cfm?c_id=7&objectid=11673198 New Zealand is not immune to violence – we are a small multiracial mirror of the wider world. And I’m sure the writers of the blogpost referenced in the article represent a rather narrow range of the experience of life in America – but what struck me was what the article said about the role of fear. When we fear we go into resistance and when we go into resistance the world becomes one of them and us. The seeds of disharmony readily take root in such conditions. How to live without fear and resistance?

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    • Yes. Exactly. As the author said we are surrounded by a culture that drives us to see danger around every corner. I just went through “active shooter training” at work. And told the trainer that I refuse to live in a hyper vigilant state seeing a treat behind every corner. Our small downtown (I live in a city of about 25,000) was shut down for most of the day because a plastic pipe was found on the sidewalk and the police said they feared it may be a bomb. It was just a pvc pipe. Unfortunately there are those who profit from fear. An entire sector of our economy flourishes because people see danger around every corner. .
      Elfe, thank you for your comments, your insight, but mostly for keeping hope alive.


  3. Even in a context of fear, destruction, and violence, the work you do is a powerful example to others, Maria. There is a loving, peaceful path that makes like worth living and leads to abundance. Your work inspire others to try…

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  4. I find peace in knowing that there are so many of us who do care, and even when we tend to notice more the horror (because it gets more media attention and we are bombarded with it), there are millions of us doing small but important work to change things in this world.
    Thank you for a simple yet powerful post, it makes me thing why I almost closed my own blogs and went silent. I still struggle trying to find out whether I have something to say and whether exposing my fears, pain and care for the world wouldn’t be not only useless (as it seems so few read me) but even dangerous, in a world where we are increasingly under surveillance…but your post renewed my faith, that we need to be able to speak up, to show our hearts and that we care. That we need to continue doing our small work of caring for the soil, for the creatures and for other human beings, and that when the time comes, we can also stand up for the things that are more important, for the sacred of life.
    Thank you my friend…

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    • Silvia, when I was around 5 my mother helped an elderly woman who had stumbled regain her balance and cross the street. She was spit on and called names as a result of her efforts. I in my little 5 year old body was scared and confused. When safe to do so she told me that there are people in this world who just don’t know any better and to not pay them any mind; that if we can touch the heart of just one person we will have made the world a better place. For they will go on to touch another, and the cycle will continue. You have touched my heart and for that I thank you.

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