A ‘Sweetie’ Tomato

I was never a fan of cherry tomatoes; but then, my only experience was with the ones you can get at the grocery store.  My unrefined taste buds found them to be severely lacking in everything that makes a tomato great. When a friend suggested we plant a few I was hesitant but we made room for three plants.  And oh my god they were to die for.  If you have never enjoyed the taste of a cherry tomato please, please give them another try.  We grew a variety last year called Sweet 1000 and are hooked.  Not only did we eat them fresh but after roosting they were used in pizza sauce and toppings, pasta,  on bread, and made into a variety of pastes and sauces.  This little tomato was a joy and a request came in to grow more.

Well this year we’re growing an open pollinated variety called ‘Sweetie’.  The seeds are organic and were purchased from High Mowing Seeds in Vermont.  Every seed I planted germinated and they grew quickly under the grow light in my office.


‘Sweetie’ cherry tomatoes . May 29, 2016

The picture above shows how they looked on the 29 of May. Do you see a difference in the size of the plants?  The plants on your left are growing in soil that has had compost and leaf mold applied each year for 3 years; this is the first year that the soil on the right has been amended.  I’ve been trying keep the plants pruned to two main branches but I haven’t been all that successful.  As long as they have room and good air circulation I’m not going to get too upset.  This will be the first year I’ve pruned our tomatoes.  In the past I’d just let them grow however nature dictated.

Lot’s of baby tomatoes.  Lot’s of flowers.  This one is turning out to be a real ‘Sweetie’.

“My turn shall also come:
I sense the spreading of a wing.”
― Osip Mandelstam


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