Saturday, April 9, 2016

Carol Hand is a member of the Sokaogon Ojibwe Community. Her thoughts are always profond and moving. I’m honored to be able to share a portion of one of her poems with you. Each of us can make a difference; if only we choose to do so.  To read the entire poem please visit her page.

One of the things I treasure is the ability to feel empathy, to have compassion, and despite seeing the worst in people to continue looking for the good in others.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

So many tales of suffering
ongoing, sometimes unintended, abuses
So many superficial whys
A system that only offers lame excuses
for doing the same things day after day

The exploitation of the earth and her peoples
their cries for help lodged deep in my spirit
Why do the cycles of oppression continue?
I know for a fact others can feel and hear it
yet needless suffering goes on year after year

For the sake of diamonds, oil, or gold
life is cheap, we’re all expendable
The allure of power kills compassion
It seems war is un-end-able
causing death and destruction century after century

Yes, suffering may bring wisdom to some
But it kills so many millions more
I wonder if world peace is possible
If not, how much longer can we endure
while suffering continues for millennia to come?

Are other alternatives still viable?
Can we give…

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