Note: The danger of frost has not passed

Note to self: do not give in.  Do not set out plants before the last frost date no matter what everyone else is doing.  Yes I know we’ve already had temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s.  I know how hard it is to resist when the temperatures are this warm.    But don’t do it.


Azalea, April 2016

I keep telling myself it’s too early.  But the azaleas are in full bloom and most of the daffodils have finished blooming.  That is all but the ones we planted late near our kindly monk.  Ahh come on…


The last of the daffodils. April 2016

…the plums, oh the plums.  They are absolutely covered with fruit.  And fully leafed out.  Are you sure?  Look around you.  All the signs say plant…


Plums have set fruit. April 7, 2016

I know you think the plants are weeks ahead of where they should be.  So plant.  Don’t you want to be weeks ahead too?

Ahhh.  The average last frost day is still at least a week away and while rare we’ve had light frosts in early May. We’re going to wait.


Japanese Maple, Iris, and Money-plant. April 7, 2016

I did say we’re going to wait. I did say that, right?  Oh I’m so glad we waited. It happened.  We had a frost.


Hosta melted by frost. April 2016

Two nights ago the temperature dropped to 30 and the frost damaged many of our hostas, cannas, and hydrangeas. In reality most plants that had young tender growth were affected to one degree or another.


Frost damage on Hydrangea. April 7, 2016

These were all well established plants.  They’ve been in the ground for at least 3 years.  The frost won’t kill them.  When the weather warms up they’ll put on new growth and be just fine.


This blueberry was planted about 3 years ago. April 7, 2016

Later this week they’re calling for night time temperatures in the mid 20’s.  A hard freeze.  We will cover the strawberries.  But our fruit trees and shrubs will not be protected.  Nor will other plants on the property.  While the plants will not die a freeze after they’ve set fruit and leafed out will place them under tremendous stress and we may lose the crop.



Strawberry. April 7, 2016

Note to self:  Be thankful that you didn’t give in and set out any tender plants.  The last frost date is at least a week away.


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