The Garden Fence and Rabbits

We have rabbits…lots of rabbits.  The fence I put up last year worked great until it didn’t. My first mistake was using a section of the fence to support a row of snow peas.  Did you know rabbits love snow peas?  Oh how rabbits love snow peas.  Once they ate what was on the fence they reached in and pulled the remaining vines threw the fence.  Lesson learned: keep plants you don’t want to share away from the fence.  After the snow peas were gone the greens got a haircut.  Lesson learned:  If rabbits like what they see they are more than willing to go under a fence to get it.  We knew a rabbit had dug under the fence and was raiding the garden.  We didn’t know she had decided to make the garden her home.


Chicken wire fence. March 2016

Yep.  One of the rabbits dug under the fence and set up housekeeping in the middle of our ‘celebrity’ tomato’s.  The sad thing is we didn’t know there was a borrow until the tomatoes were finished for the year and we started to cut them down.  There were 3 babies in the nest and we didn’t have the heart to disturb them, at least no more than we already had.  Soooo we put a bench over the nest for shade and when that wasn’t enough made a screen with cardboard.  Lesson learned:  We have very soft hearts.


The rabbit fence. March 2016

This year we’re doing our best not to provide shelter for the rabbits within the confines of our vegetable garden.  So after countless google searches and YouTube videos I decided to give this a try.  The fence is made from a 3 foot wide piece of chicken wire and is two feet tall.  The bottom foot of wire is folded at a right angle so that it drapes across the ground.  Cardboard was put down and covered with shredded leaves to help control weeds along the fence line.  The pavers cover the wire and will keep it from getting tangled up in my mower or string trimmer.  They also help with weed control along the outer edge of the fence.


Our 25 x 25 rabbit resistant garden plot. March 2016

Will it work?  Time will tell.  We have a new 8 x 16 foot bed that will be used for tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.  At this time we do plan to put a fence around it.  The rabbits may have built a nest in our tomatoes but they did not eat them.   I hope they don’t have a change of heart.  Only time will tell.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


4 thoughts on “The Garden Fence and Rabbits

  1. Lol! I have a similar relationship with the rabbits that share my land. One enterprising rabbit recently set up house among the kale and Jerusalem artichokes but seems not to have eaten any of them. I was curious about whether rabbits eat tomatoes (I have to grow my tomatoes under cover as our weather is too unpredictable) and have just been chortling my way through the lengthy comments section at the foot of this article: It is clearly part of rabbits’ mission in life to bamboozle and confuse the human race.

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    • Love your comment. Thanks for the smiles and the link. I also grow kale, they’ve never bothered it. However I think spinach must be one of their favorites. I went out with a basket one morning and every leaf was gone. It looked like the patch had been mowed. I wish you could have seen my expression. For just a minute I was totally confused. It was one of those, I know it was here now where did it go moments.


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