Coffee and leaves

I’m in ecstasy. It doesn’t take much.  I was hoping to find a shop that would let me have their spent coffee grounds and after a few false starts made the trip across town to Starbucks.  The folks at the Starbucks along I-77 in Statesville have been great.  Over the last 3 weeks I’ve taken home 30 gallons of coffee grounds.


Free coffee grounds from Starbucks. January 2016

I’m like a kid in a candy store as my mind thinks of all the ways in which I can use them.   To get started I took the wheelbarrow and mixed ground leaves with coffee grounds at a ratio of about 10 to 1.  This mixture was used to lightly top dress the vegetable beds, raspberry patch, and the fruit trees.


Top dressing of ground leaves and coffee grounds. January 2016


A wonderful slow release source of nitrogen free for the asking.  Yep I’m a happy camper. Now I need to get some to add to the compost pile, oh worms love coffee grounds and … 

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
— Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

“It is impossible to have a healthy and sound society
without a proper respect for the soil.”
― Peter Maurin



4 thoughts on “Coffee and leaves

  1. My parents had a compost pile in the 70’s and they threw the grounds from our coffee percolator into the pile! 🙂 We liked the clean worms for fishing and Mom used most of the compost for her flower and vegetable gardens. ♡

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