Winter and Poison Ivy

I had a long weekend and looked forward to working in the yard.  Saturday was beautiful.  I did some weeding and started work on a bed we planned to renovate.  It was fifty degrees with blue sky’s.  I had the time of my life despite the fact that there was poison ivy in the bed.  I told myself that I’d just work around it; I would keep my distance and eradicate it another day when I had gloves with me.  Ah ha.  You’d think by now I’d know better.


Dormant Poison Ivy. 18 January 2016

All I have to do is look at poison ivy and I break out in a rash.  Before you ask… yes I do know what it looks like and yes I can recognize it, even with the leaves off.  However, I still underestimate just how far it’s roots spread.  When the roots of poison ivy are mixed in with the roots of other plants it’s often an ah hell moment as I realize what I’ve gotten into.


Poison Ivy Roots. 18 January 2016

It’s winter!  Who breaks out from contact with poison ivy in the winter!  Oh yeah.  I do.

“Defeat is only defeat if we accept it as defeat. Victory often comes after defeat, because one was too stubborn to allow it to be their reality. In the trail of any great conflict you will see the scuff marks, where the one was beaten down, but they could not be taught to stay that way.”
― Tom Althouse



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