You know the old saying: “My eyes are bigger than my stomach”.  When it comes to seeds this fits me to a tee.  What I’d like to plant and the bed space I have prepared just don’t mesh.   I’d like to blame it on the exuberance I feel when looking through seed catalogs.  I do love looking through seed catalogs.  And I really do like trying new things.  But  I know it’s more than that.

Why do the directions say to plant the seeds an inch apart when they want you to leave a foot between the plants.  Do they really think the germination rates are that low?  I’ll tell you a secret, they’re not.  If I plant 12 seeds per foot I’ll have to pull out at least 10 baby plants.  That’s about 100 little plants (100 seeds) for every 10 foot of row.  I just can’t.  I just can’t do it.  I don’t have the heart to pull out all those little baby seedlings.  I have a hard enough time pulling out the weeds.  So what do I do?  I plant the seeds about a foot apart and am left with a seed packet that looks like it’s never been opened.  And that’s great, as long as I want to plant the same varieties next season and I don’t order more seeds.


Some of the seed left from 2015

This year I’m trying to be good.  Trying to cut back on new varieties until I use up what I already have.  So I’ve only ordered a pack of the following: 1. Red Giant Mustard; 2. Lacinato Dinosaur Kale; 3. Georgia Collards; 4. Tyria F1 Cucumber; 5. Sweetie Cherry Tomato; and 5. Pink Boar Tomato; 6. Jade Bush Beans; 7. Garnet Giant Mustard; and a 2.5 pounds of German Butterball Potatoes.

Now what about all the seeds left over from last year.  I best start planning…


One thought on “Seeds

  1. I so relate to your thoughts here 🙂
    especially about pulling out perfect little seedlings….I just cannot
    Thank you for the smile 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter


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