The Journey



Grape Mahonia flower buds, December 2015

There is a cycle to life.  Often it’s not logical.  For example which came first: the seed that sprouted, grew to maturity, flowered and created seeds of its own; or the mature plant from which the seed came?


Rose hip, December 2015

On the earth everything has a season…everything has a beginning and an end.  In this world all creatures must complete a journey which carries them from birth to death.


Gone to seed, December 2015

Over the years I’ve come to believe that every living entity we encounter has a soul within it providing the spark of life.  When the soul is present the plant or animal exhibits all the signs of life.  When the soul leaves we are left with an empty shell.  The soul that provided life to the body has moved on.  All that is left is the shell that cloaked the soul while it was on the earth.


Forsythia, December 2015

What this all means is that there is more to life than what we are able to see with our eyes.  And that the answer to which came first can only be found if we’re willing to believe in something greater than ourselves.  Which came first?  The eternal soul.  And the shell it inhabits?  Well a higher power created the first one.  Maybe one day we can ask him which he chose to create first.


Nandina domestica, December 2015

The soul is eternal?  Not the body or shell we see but rather the soul which provides it with the spark of life.  We are all on a journey and what we perceive as death is beyond doubt a new beginning.

For Molly who came into our lives and and  allowed us to share her journey.


Molly left this world December 12, 2015


4 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Such a beautiful post with lovely photos and nice thoughts!I am so very sorry for the loss,for Molly’s journey without return.She was so sweet and adorable,a real charming furry-kid.You will never ever forget her.


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