Kathy Wolfe – Another view of the garden

One frosty morning I went out to the garden and became intoxicated by the frosty beds, the brisk air, and the sound of birds.  The landscape was awash with grays and browns; muted colors now covered with a hint of white.


Hydrangea bed after the first killing frost. November 2015

The hydrangeas with leaves bigger than your palm and flowers the size of dinner plates looked crushed.  The heat from the brick was no longer enough to protect them and they too were forced to relent and begin their long winter’s dormancy.


Newly planted cherry. November 2015

Some creatures enter our lives in a dormant state and we look forward to their awakening.  A dormant cherry, only now putting down roots, gains strength for the springs and summers to come.


Frost covered strawberries and oregano. December 2015

A touch of frost can be a beautiful thing.  The first hard frost sends a message to prepare for the winter ahead.  A message we should all head.


Bee balm covered in frost. December 2015

Winter is coming.  A time when life turns inward and becomes more reflective.  A time focused on conserving energy for those  functions vital to life. And in thoughts of the coming spring.



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