Perennials and a temporary home

DSC_0071 (2)

Starting to cleanup the bed by the patio. 2010

The brick planter off the patio in the backyard was barely visible when we purchased the property.  It started life as a mass of packed clay subsoil, you know the kind, gooey when wet and hard as a rock when dry.  A thick layer of pinestraw hide it from sight.  Since the pine trees came down in 2010 the  bed has undergone numerous incarnations.  All temporary, all focused on improving the soil.


View of Brick Planter, June 2014

The oregano that fills a corner of the planter was purchased in a 4 inch pot three years ago.  It has spread to fill a 1.5 x 2 foot area despite being ignored.  I’d say it has settled in nicely.  It’s been here for the last 3 years and I’m sure it will continue to be for many more.  This despite my original intention of the planter being a temporary home.


Oregano, November 2015

Did you see the strawberry leaf in the corner?  I had a few strawberry plants without a home so I decided to (yes I did) plant them here.



Perennials waiting to be planted. June 2015

This spring we decided to turn the planter into a perennial bed.  The plants we selected were spaced based on how big they would become three years from now.  The bed looked empty.  There was plenty of room for the strawberries.


Perennials being added to planter. June 2015

The bed is in transition and I think it will provide a good temporary home.  My intent is for it to be temporary, but I’ve learned that temporary can be a very, very long time.    The edge of this bed may end up being framed in strawberries.  Would that be so bad?


Perennials and Strawberries November 2015

“We are all temporary visitors on earth, and we owe it to ourselves to never let any negative condition distract us from the beauty of life.”
Edmond Mbiaka



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